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Sunday, 8 July 2012


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You mean if we truly love someone we will never stop thinking about them even a moment and think he is everything.

Love is a feeling that can not be seen and explained but can be felt and if we truly LOVE, we are willing to die for their.

Love is everything. In love attend without invitation .. love sincerity raise the strength of a thousand souls n ourselves. because love is giving one million taste, not too much if I say that love is an infinite gift ....=,=

Love makes us feel happy and comfortable with him and when we can be ourselves, do not need make up, do not have the luxury clothes with him and he always felt we were the only people that he loved.

Love is love, sacrifice, loyalty, understanding, mutual need to require and to keep up.

Love is caring about others. Which is always received as they are a person whatever his situation is not because the benefits only.

Love is sharing joy and sorrow. He or we will always be in sight in any event.

Love is the most significant challenges but ultimately sweet, it's up to us how we deal with.

Love can make you shed tears.

You are able to change to give happiness in our lives.

Sebagai kesimpulan, sekiranya korang ingin bercinta, korang haruslah bersedia untuk memikul tanggungjawab. Bagi pendapat me, bercinta merupakan satu cara untuk kita belajar dalam memikul tanggungjawab sebelum kita dapat bergelar sebagai suami isteri. Kerana, sudah pasti memikul tanggungjawab sebagai suami isteri lebih berat daripada dengan bercinta sahaja.

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